Connected with the inauguration of the Cossacks museum we’re applying to the interested people to dispose to us historical materials, things  concerning to the Cossacks History.


The  Cossacks in Armenia  put on scientific bases

Nver Torosyan

President, supreme ataman

Lieutenant – general

The Cossacks  in  Armenia  has  a  centuries-old   history. Not a single  war  Cossacks have fought  next to  Armenian warriors  protecting the borders and lands of once united Fatherland. Batteries, battalions, regiments  and divisions of  Don, Terek and Kuban  Cossack troops,  taken part in numerous wars with the Turks and the Persians in the First and Second World Wars, forever left their traces in the memory of the Armenian people. Military burials and  fraternal graves having the names and ranks of the Cossacks are uncountable in  the biblical land of Armenia. Survived  and restored historical memorials and monuments, the Cossack posts, villages, barracks, fortresses and churches   serve as an evidence of a glorious battle road of Armenian and Cossack warriors.

"A Monument for Cossack" was reared  on October 9, 2005  in the "Kanaker"  region, Yerevan   and  on  December 30, 2008 was the  opening of the restored Cossack frontier post  "Anipemza" on the Leninakan borderline area.

It’s symbolic the fact that  on August 20, 2010 Presidents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Armenia - Dmitry Medvedev and Serj Sargsyan personally participated in the inauguration of the historical complex in Gyumri dedicated to 155 officers of the Imperial Russian Army (part of which are  Cossacks), who died in the battles for the fortress of Kars  during  Russian-Turkish war of the XIX century.

One can say that today's independent Armenia is rich in examples  devoted to relationship  of Russian-Armenian military brotherhood, supported by both the highest political spheres and by ordinary citizens, representatives of civil society. Many  public organizations, acting in the territory of the Republic ,work for the sake of  development of Russian- Armenian cooperation and  relations of various fields. These organizations have managed to prove themselves as a promising area for achieving thօse goals. Despite this fact, the theme of the Cossacks in Armenia in general and the Armenian-Cossack cooperation, in particular,  is still the urgent problem. It  is treated superficially and skeptically.

Maksapetyan Arthur Manvel

Arthur Maksapetyan

Head of General Staff,

major general

To be a Cossack – means to carry a heavy and  honorable

mission for the sake of homeland prosperity and Cossack movement. Main characteristic features of  Cossack are the following – love to family, children, respectful  treatment to elderly people, loyalty and devotion to  the state, fatherland protection.

Our goal is  the total study of  the Cossacks history, customs, culture, their glorious battle road.  Our goal is  also  to bring up our youth taking into consideration the Cossacks, to arise patriotism in them.

I think we’ll cope with our objective  successfully. We are ready to cooperate with all Public Organizations situated both in the Republic of Armenia and abroad as well as with all those people who share our  goals and problems.

Life is an  expensive treat – given to us from the God. Live for the sake of nations’ friendship.

Let the God bless you!


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